Raya Almufti, M.D.
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My Practice and Philosophy

SealBeach.JPGI see patients in my practice for psychotherapy, medication management, or both.  I draw upon concepts of psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as mindfulness-based therapy and, when applicable, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques.  If you already have a therapist and I am seeing you for medication management only, I will work closely with your therapist to provide you the most complete care. I also, when indicated, am happy to collaborate with any of your other treating physicians. 
As a newly certified integrative psychiatric practitioner, I work to identify and address the root causes of your issues.  

Particular areas of interest of mine include anxiety disorders, mood disorders (depression, bipolar), eating and body image issues, women's issues, and stress/adjustment issues.  I am happy to work with you either on a short or long term basis depending on your needs.

The decision about whether to start medications is clearly a very individualized one.  Many people will find benefits from psychotherapy alone, and many people will find that their symptoms require addition of medications.  It does seem clear that, whether or not medications are chosen as part of the treatment, psychotherapy is a crucial part of the treatment and medications are not as effective in the absence of a consistent psychotherapy.  I also believe strongly in the impact of lifestyle and physical health on our emotional health, and I incorporate these principles in my work with patients.